How to Decorate a Party Room

Whether you’re celebrating getting promoted at work or announcing your new baby, any occasion can be an excuse for a party. And a home Party Room can help make your celebration more fun and memorable for everyone in attendance.

Consider movable furniture that can be reconfigured depending on the theme and number of guests you anticipate inviting. Also, include recessed lighting and a fireplace to add warmth to your space.

Decorate the Room

Create a welcoming entryway with simple decorations to put guests into party mode. Feature a flower wall or a balloon bouquet that matches the theme of the event.

Nothing livens up a ceiling like hanging decorations. Try a variety of styles, from shimmering swirls to streamers and balloon chandeliers. Use nonperishable tissue paper flowers for a budget-friendly alternative to real flowers.

Set the Theme

A party theme can make a big difference. Think about your guests’ interests and what type of party they would enjoy.

For example, if your friends love music and fashion from the 80s, try an ’80s pop rock themed party complete with neon colors, cassette tapes, posters and a boom box.

A James Bond theme could include tiny tchotchkes that evoke the spy life. A signature drink on arrival helps set the tone too.

Set the Tables

Before guests arrive, you should inspect the table setup to ensure that all tables look neat and uniform. This includes ensuring that tables have tablecloths and other decorative items. It’s also important to provide trash receptacles for the room so that guests can easily dispose of their used cigarette butts.

Rectangular tables can be set up in rows for a simple layout that is easy to maneuver. However, remember to leave adequate wrist and leg space between chairs.

Set the Bar

If your hosts have a new home bar, consider giving them a gift set to help stock it. This set includes a shaker tin and strainer for mixing cocktails, a nickel-plated bottle opener, a flask, and a lighter. Add a butt bucket or trash receptacle to the bar area for easy cleanup. This is especially important if your guests smoke. You can also buy inexpensive organizer shelves for this purpose.

Set the Music

Whether your music is digital or physical, gather all the tracks that could be potential party hits. Listen to them carefully and sort through them.

Remember to take your guests into account when deciding on a playlist. You might not want to blast Trina if grandma’s coming over.

A good party mix will start off slow and quiet and then ramp up gradually.

Serve Food

The Party Room is a region in Lina’s Library room, seen in Petscop 9. It depicts a party taking place, likely to celebrate Lina’s birthday. The room has an outdoor pathway that leads to a central area with a cake and two presents.

Serve food buffet style. This is quick and efficient, and eliminates the need for individualized service. Choose appetizers that can be served at room temperature like puff pastries, crackers and veggies.

Serve Drinks

Providing convenient food and drink stations will reduce the amount of time that you and your guests spend trying to get them. Ensure that all of the necessary glassware, ingredients, and tools are readily available.

Editor’s Tip: Reduce the number of misplaced glasses by attaching a personalized name tag to each bottle or jar (you can purchase these stylish tags here).

Provide convenient trash receptacles throughout the room.

Set Up the Games

A few fun games can break the ice and add some energy to your party. These games are easy to understand and require little to no preparation.

Make sure to pick games that suit your crowd’s interests and sense of humor. For example, Cards Against Humanity might be a good choice for your closest friends but not so much for your feisty grandma.

Set Up the Lighting

Many homeowners create Party Room to serve as dining areas, gathering spaces and additional dens. To make a room more versatile, use dim electric lamps with solid shades that limit illumination.

Lighting has a huge impact on the mood of a party. It can set the atmosphere upbeat or relaxed and can provoke warm feelings or get people energized. Use a variety of lights that can be tucked into places for a unique look.

Set Up the Music

Music sets the tone for any party. Make sure you have a well-curated playlist to keep the vibe upbeat and fun.

Avoid slow songs that will cause a lull in the energy level of the crowd. They may be appropriate for closing the party, but not as an early part of the mix.

Populate the playlist with popular songs that most people will recognize and sing along to. This will increase the chance that the song gets the dance floor going.

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