Propper Makes the Best Combat Gear

From the uniforms to the equipment, all of this Combat Gear is made for combat. As one of the most trusted military supply companies, Propper knows how to make a product that can handle any situation you might face in the field.

Unlike canvas, military gear is now fabricated with ripstop fabric that is lightweight and ultra-strong. These materials also resist tearing and snags better than their cotton counterparts.

Kevlar Armor

DuPont’s Kevlar is an incredibly strong material that can stand up to many kinds of damage. It is also very lightweight. Kevlar has been used in a wide variety of military equipment, including body armor that protects troops from bullets and other projectiles.

In addition to its use in ballistic vests, Kevlar is also found in firefighting gear and protective gloves. It is impervious to fire and is very resilient against abrasion.

It is also useful in manufacturing environments because it can be woven into fabrics that resist heat. In fact, most drumheads for rock drummers are made of a material that is essentially Kevlar. The abrasion resistance of this material helps to keep drums from being dented or cracked, even when they are hit repeatedly with cymbals and other hard objects. It’s important to take care of Kevlar clothing and equipment so that it retains its protective properties. Storing it in a dry place and keeping it out of direct sunlight are important precautions.

Ballistic Vest

A ballistic vest holds plates of hard body armor, turning it from a lightweight tactical vest into one capable of stopping bullets. These military carriers usually have pouches and mounting systems, such as MOLLE, for gear like pistol holsters and mag pouches. They can be augmented with groin and throat protection for added security.

They also have front and back pockets into which boron carbide or ceramic plates can be quickly deployed. While these plates don’t make a vest bulletproof, they can stop many common handgun rounds and some rifle shots.

Aside from their protective properties, these plates also disperse the remaining kinetic energy of a projectile to prevent blunt force trauma behind the vest. This makes it much easier for medics to examine wounded personnel for rib fractures, pneumothorax and other blunt force injuries. Ballistic vests can be scaled to a threat level by adding or removing the plates as needed. This allows a single armor system to be used in multiple scenarios, from patrols to hostage rescue operations.

Ops-Core Helmets

Ops-Core began making bump helmets (like the ones used by hockey and skateboarders) long before anyone thought they could make them into military gear. Today, they’re the leading manufacturer of ballistic helmets for the US Special Forces and other Special Operations units. The Navy SEALs prefer a version called the FAST maritime, for instance.

Like other ballistic helmets, these can be fitted with a variety of modular accessories to meet specific mission requirements. These can include mounts for IR strobes, lights, comms and cameras, counterweights, visors and more.

Aside from the protection offered by these tactical helmets, they also boast impressive resilience. For example, they can handle up to 400 pounds of compression from top to bottom and 300 pounds from side-to-side. They can also withstand extreme temperatures, saltwater and altitude.

Combat Boots

The right footwear is essential for a soldier who has to be on foot for long periods of time. The best military boots are sturdy, comfortable and made to withstand many different environments.

A combat boot typically has a thick lug sole, closed-loop speed lace system, leather padded collar and 18 lace holes. They are often made from a hardy leather that is both waterproof and stain resistant. Some are also built with a reinforced polyurethane heel and sole that absorbs shock from walking and running over rough terrain.

Combat Gear are popular with police and emergency medical service workers as well as people who have high-intensity jobs because of their durability and traction on slippery or icy surfaces. The military-inspired lace-ups are now being offered by retailers like Steve Madden and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Some are Berry Amendment-compliant, meaning they meet Defense Department standards and use American components.

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