Stylish Table Lamps

Stylish lamps create focal points and add personality to a room. They also provide important task lighting for reading and working.

Choose from a variety of shapes and styles, including modern options with sleek silhouettes that look at home on accent tables or desks.

Designed to eliminate the noise of flipping the switch, this lamp has touch controls that let you set your preferred brightness level.

Decorative Lighting

A table lamp brings a touch of ambiance to any room. Whether used as an accent to a sofa or sectional, a reading light for your nightstand or a tabletop companion to your desk, modern lamps come in many styles and hues.

Adding a unique material to the base or shade can create a decorative element in your home. Choose from sleek finishes like polished metals and plaster to organic materials like marble and rattan. You can even find modern lamps with a USB port that doubles as a charging station for your devices.

Decorative lighting has long been the design emblem of a well-appointed space. With new looks emerging constantly, west elm offers a versatile selection of table lamps that elevate the elegance of your home. Find your favorite style to brighten far corners, rejuvenate alcoves and make your office more efficient. With the right lighting fixtures, you can make every space in your home feel like it was designed by a professional.

Task Lighting

A table lamp that is well designed and situated can greatly enhance the quality of work in any room. This is because they provide bright, direct lighting that can be aimed at a specific task. This can reduce eye strain, increase productivity and create a more comfortable environment.

A variety of task lamps are available, from freely adjustable ones to fixed lights that don’t move at all. There are also a variety of bulb types that offer different light characteristics. These include LED, halogen and CFL (full spectrum). LED offers a clean bright light, while halogen and incandescent offer a warmer, less contrasting light.

Having the right task lighting in the kitchen is very important. This will help reduce injuries while preparing food, cutting up veggies or cooking. Home offices are a good place for task lighting as well, to reduce eye strain while reading or working. This is especially true as you get older, when your eyes need more illumination to perform certain tasks.

Bedside Lighting

The right table lamp will do double duty as decorative and task lighting on a nightstand. The collection at west elm includes lamps that suit any bedroom, including those in modern and traditional styles.

A lamp shade with a wide opening brightens the area around it and reduces shadows, while a narrower design directs light to where you need it. Select a lampshade made from a translucent material like glass or ceramic to add color and texture to your nightstand, or opt for a sleek metal shade that coordinates with a wood or reclaimed-wood nightstand.

If you want your table lamp to serve as both decorative and task lighting, consider a touch-operated or adjustable model. These table lights let you set your preferred brightness level with a tap of the base, and some models even come in a variety of colors to suit your mood. They’re a simple way to upgrade your bedside.

Outdoor Lighting

Table lamp bring light and a touch of style to gardens, terraces and balconies. They’re often lightweight, portable and easy to move around the space. They are also resistant to water, dust and dirt and can withstand many different conditions over time. In the Light Shopping catalog you’ll find LED models in modern or retro styles that can withstand all kinds of weathering and come with a touch system for easy control.

Lei and White both recommend Entler’s blobby cast-ceramic stoneware table lamp that they consider to be “modern, classic, and fun” and “anthropomorphic.” The design is sculptural and the shade has a unique shape that grabs attention in the room. The brass hardware and accents add to the sense of style. It’s ideal for illuminating a desk or side table for work or to display an interesting new artwork. It can also be placed in the entryway to brighten a welcome gesture or illuminate a coat rack.

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