How to Decorate a Party Room

Many homeowners build or remodel their homes to include a room dedicated to parties. Whether it’s for birthdays, happy hours or friends-catch-up brunches, having a home kids party game idea allows you to entertain more easily.

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Decorate the Walls

Themed parties are a fun way to entertain guests and can be easy on the budget. Balloons, streamers and other decorations can help set the mood for your event. For example, if you have a beach theme, hang inflatable palm trees and beach balls from the ceiling. Keep some novelty afros or sunglasses available for guests to wear.

To decorate the walls, you can hang photos or artwork of the guest of honor in frames. You can also use scraps of ribbon to make a garland to hang on the walls or around any columns or railings in the room. You can also wrap string lights around them to add some extra ambiance.

The entryway of your Party Room is your first chance to impress guests and put them in party mode. Keeping the entryway decorations simple will allow them to be more effective. If you have any exterior windows in the room, consider installing frameless interior glass.

Hang Photos or Artwork

Whether you hang photos of the guest of honor or images from a specific theme, pictures and artwork can add an eye-catching touch to your kids party game idea. Before putting a nail or tack in the wall, establish an arrangement by laying out the pieces on the floor and up against the walls, moving them until you find a grouping that suits the space. Make sure the colors and style of the art work fit in well with the overall look of the room as well, since it can enhance or detract from the décor.

To avoid making your guests squint when they look at the artwork, try to hang it around seated eye-level. To do this, measure 145 cm up from the ground and mark out a line up the wall, then place each piece of art along that line. You can also use string to hang photo garlands that match the color scheme of your party.

Hang Streamers

Streamers are easy to hang and can create an impressive backdrop or a focal point. They’re great for camera-worthy photo backdrops, stunning chair decorations and more.

You can use a single block color of crepe paper or combine several colors for a more eclectic backdrop. If you choose to create a wavy, striped effect with your streamers, simply twist each length about four or five times and secure to the wall with a piece of tape. Repeat this along the entire wall for a professional, unified look.

If you want to hang your streamers from the ceiling, start with a dowel or rod that’s around a foot longer than the ceiling height and two zip/cable ties or adhesive-backed hooks. Cut around five feet of different-colored crepe paper and tie the ends to each of the dowels, forming an arc shape that you can then decorate with gold curling ribbon. You can also try this technique with an embroidery hoop for a more whimsical display.

Hang a Garland

Garlands bring a festive feel to any room and are especially popular at holiday parties. They can be hung in several different places throughout the party space, including over doorways and windows. They add a natural aesthetic that complements other decorations such as banners, tissue fans and photo booth backdrops.

To hang a garland, first install a wall hook based on your preferred shape and location for the garland. Then use fishing line, ribbon or twine to tie the beginning of your garland to the hook. Next, tuck the end of the garland into the end hook so it drapes nicely.

A transparent nylon fishing line is a great option for hanging garlands because it is strong, versatile and almost invisible from afar. Simply tie loops of the line to your garland and hang it off self-adhesive hooks or if you already have nails in the wall, hang them off those existing nail holes. This hack is particularly handy for brick walls, explains Amy Studebaker Design.

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