Planning a Party Room in Your Home

When planning a home kids party game idea, you need to keep a few things in mind. For starters, the space should be able to accommodate your guests comfortably. In addition, the room should be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A home party room is a great place to celebrate special occasions with family and friends. Whether it is for a birthday, baby shower, or engagement party, a private party room in NYC can be perfect.


The decorations in a Party Room set the tone for your celebration. Whether you have a dedicated space at home for hosting parties, or need to rent out a function room for a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party or business meeting, there are lots of ideas available to make the room feel festive and fun.

Hang coordinating streamers and silk banners to visually separate different areas of the room. For example, a boy’s race car themed party could use red and yellow balloons hung over an area for socializing, while large cars printed on paper serve as a backdrop for a crafts table in another part of the room.

For a high energy party, creative lighting can elevate the mood by focusing the dance floor or adding a disco ball to the room. Decorative lighting also brings out the color in your theme, so look for items that coordinate with your party’s main color scheme.


The lighting in your party room can be a real mood setter. It can help people feel upbeat and energized or it can create a romantic low-light ambiance that encourages conversation and mellowness while drinks are flowing.

There are plenty of ways you can transform your home’s existing lights to make them more party friendly. For example, if you have ugly overhead lighting you can replace it with LEDs that are available in many different glow hues and can be tuned to your preferred color.

You can also use strobe or disco lights to get people into the groove. These are circular in shape and made of mirrored glass to reflect light everywhere in the room. They are usually inexpensive to rent from a party lighting hire company. They’re ideal for a dance floor or a focal point like a piece of art or a door frame.


If you entertain frequently or are thinking about remodeling your home, consider designingate an area for a party room. This space can be a living room, dining room or an additional den. The layout of this space is important, particularly the seating style for your guests.

Seating should be arranged in small groups that can comfortably accommodate two to four people. Too many chairs or couches can feel crowded and inhibit conversation. It’s best to place these seats around the perimeter of the room.

It’s also a good idea to store any coffee tables and other unessential furniture pieces in another room for the duration of your party. This will give your guests more space to move around and mingle. Also, you should remove any TVs that will be distracting and prevent your guests from communicating effectively. Feng Shui, the spatial Chinese design philosophy, frowns on sharp angles and corners in furniture as they can create what are known as poison arrows that can direct negative energy toward specific areas of a room.


A Party Room can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. It is a great place for a birthday party, family gathering, baby shower, business meeting or any other event that requires food and drink. Pizza Cottage’s Circleville, Athens, Zanesville, Newark, Buckeye Lake, Powell/Lewis Center and Pickerington locations each have a kids party game idea that can be booked seven days a week.

The per person price of the Party Room includes use of the space for 2.5 hours, which allows for 30 minutes prior to your block start time and 30 minutes after your party end time. If you require more than 2.5 hours, additional hours can be purchased at $50/half hour.

If you plan to hold parties regularly, it is worth the investment of converting a living or dining room into your Home Party Room. Make sure the area is easily accessible for your guests and conveniently located to the kitchen for a continuous flow of snacks and drinks.

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